Godaddy’s Parking Curse!

Watch out our beloved Godaddy has been hit with a curse!

Yep, that’s right, Google is now removing PageRank from domains that are parked at Godaddy. See video below for test results.

What does this mean?

– You can’t park your domains at Godaddy any longer and expect to retain pr.
– You can’t buy deleting domains from appox. 85% of Godaddy’s inventory for seo purposes (big boo hoo for me here!)

What am I going to do about it? (you do it too! 😉

– I told my account rep at Godaddy about it and suggested they do something to mask Godaddy Parking.
– I reported it to Godaddy’s developer comments desk.
– I am TESTING to see if PR will come back!

What am I testing?

– I purchased 5 domains today that are parked at Godaddy. Once they drop into my account I will set them up as either WordPress blogs or Joomla Sites, wait a month, and see if the Page Rank Returns.

It would be wonderful this is a temporary PR drop, and I have my figers crossed!


(oh the joys of internet marketing, am I the only dork our there who actually tests shit like this? LOL)