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Godaddy’s Parking Curse!

Watch out our beloved Godaddy has been hit with a curse! Yep, that’s right, Google is now removing PageRank from domains that are parked at Godaddy. See video below for test results. What does this mean? – You can’t park your domains at Godaddy any longer and expect to retain pr. – You can’t buy deleting domains from appox. 85% of Godaddy’s inventory for seo purposes (big boo hoo for me here!) What am I going to do about it? (you do it too! 😉 – I told my account rep at Godaddy about it and suggested they do something to mask Godaddy Parking. – I reported it to Godaddy’s developer comments desk. – I am TESTING to see if PR will come back! What am I testing? – I purchased 5 domains today that are parked at Godaddy. Once they drop into my account I will set them up as either WordPress blogs or Joomla Sites, wait a month, and see if the Page Rank Returns. It would be wonderful this is a temporary PR drop, and I have my figers crossed! STAY TUNED! (oh the joys of internet marketing, am I the only dork our there who actually tests shit like this? LOL)

Googles “info” Search Query Term

I am really embarresed that I didn’t know this, but here is a REALLY easy way to check to see if the site you intend to purchase is a redirect (which lends itself to fake PR). By using the “info” search query term before the url, for example, it will bring up the site that is in the index for that URL. And you guessed it, if it isn’t the same as the site you entered, then it is a redirect. Now not all redirects mean fake PR, it depends if the links are to the original site or the one it is redirecting to, but that is another video lol. For right now, I did up a little 3 minute example of using the “info” query term. And for all of you who want to know more about Google’s Search Query Terms I also created a down loadable PDF “Cheet Sheet” with all my favorites terms and what they do. If you can think of ways to use these Query Terms that might help others, please comment!

What in the Frack is Going on with PR? and FreshDrop =:0

I have been pulling my hair out trying to keep the PR (page rank) on the sites that I buy. And NOW, even my favorite tool is failing me and has caused some hundreds of dollars wasted on purchased domains “they” said were good to go. I created this video to show you JUST what I am talking about. And don’t get me wrong, I still recommend and use FreshDrop but you do have to DO your due diligence after finding the domain! Want to see this bigger, click here FreshDrop/PR Video Interesting. SEO Chat, put this above there pr lookup tool: “Google is making some changes on how automated search results are handled, and it is causing some of our tools to not operate correctly. We apologize for any inconviences this has caused, and we are working on ways to make our tools functional again.”