Friday SEO Cartoon

Is SEO Dead? It Is In The Old SEO Companies That Change There Name And Take OUT SEO!

It is the ongoing debate..


If you don’t know what SEO is, it stands for “Search Engine Optimization.”

This is what you do to help your websites rank in the search engines to get traffic so you can make sales, gain followers or just vent about anything.

Funny thing is though; Google has made it against their terms and conditions to do anything that will manipulate their search engine, so by definition, SEO “is” what is know as “black hat” and anything you do to try and rank your site is against the rules.

Except, it is ok to make your site faster, more user friendly, and generally ignore any other aspects of SEO.

Heaven forbid you work on getting links to your site! =:0

And sadly, the large SEO companies have followed Google’s rhetoric and have even taken SEO out of their name.

And even more sadly some even propagate false information to stay safe in the eyes of Google and their investors at the expense of their followers.

I can say this because we (the SIA Testing Club) tested their claims of things that no longer worked, and busted ALL that we tested. (just shake my head)

I will talk more on that next week. 🙂

Have a GREAT weekend!!


p.s. on a personal note.. a friends daughter is getting married here at the ranch tomorrow so I expect some good cake coming my way soon. (Oh, and some Champagne!)