It’s an exciting time for us right now. We are hustling to prepare for the launch of Page One Engine which means that I have details coming out of my ears.  We just got the JV page up for my upcoming launch in May. It will be my largest one so pretty big deal to me. If you have a list I would love help promoting. Check it out here.

I’ve also just hosted a wedding for my niece here at my ranch, dealt with my dog getting skunked (twice), bitten by a rattle snake a few weeks ago, chased by a horse last week,  and swiped at by so many cats I have lost count.

If you have been reading my newsletter p.s.s. lately, you know I have been talking more about myself and sharing questions that I find interesting and/or are philosophy based. I wonder about a lot of things, but I do believe in “cause and effect” and the principles of attraction. You know.. what you think you will become in the simplest terms.

We even have a “good karma” policy to GIVE BACK domains we purchase at auction if the original owner didn’t intend to let it expire. I mean, I put myself in their shoes if one of MY essential domains expired and was picked up by a someone who wouldn’t give it back, let alone not even talk to me. It would devastate me.

Interestingly enough even AFTER I tell them I will “give” it back, I have actually been curse out for “stealing” their domain (and more then once I might add.)

It is funny and kind of pitiful actually that “their” attitude causes them not to hear my words. One person even hung-up on me and therefore created what they didn’t want, a lost domain.

Well, this video I just watched made me think about how many times “I” am that person that isn’t hearing the GOOD NEWS!=:0 How “my” philosophy, personal & business, is actually the building blocks to my life and is the “cause” to the “effects” I experience on a daily basis.

Now.. don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty good life. :-) But I do get “stuck” at times and start that negative noise that I KNOW is the wrong pig trail to go down! lol So, I like stuff like this that refreshes my mind-set so I thought I would share it.

And no doubt there is a product down the road on this, but I got a lot out of the video. I normally listen to promotional stuff in the background cause I always learn from the material marketers give away for free when they are doing a launch, but for this video, I really did stop what I was doing and paid attention! lol

Hope you like it too!