Friday SEO Cartoon & Exact Match Domain Tidbit

Numbers in Domains Don't Matter So That Makes Exact Match Domains Easier To Get & Rank!


SEO Tidbit: Exact Match Domain Curve Ball

I just found this little tidbit that might make exact match domain purchases a little easier. John Muller (my favorite Google Guy) said “the number in the domain name doesn’t matter for ranking.”*

So this would mean, if Google doesn’t look at the numbers as a positive or negative way, then theoretically, these two domains would have the same ranking potential.

This is pretty interesting, and potentially pretty powerful especially for affiliate marketing and/or launch jacking since exact match domains in most markets still give a pretty decent boost. But it is worthy of a test, so going to put it on the SIA’s Testing Club docket. 🙂

Also, Memorial Day Weekend has been a long standing week for Google to do updates, so let’s see if they run Penguin 4.0 on this one. It is bound to happen sooner or later. Or maybe it is just a phantom they keep us SEOs running from. lol 😉

Have a GREAT Weekend. 🙂


p.s. On a personal note.. I am just thankful it is Friday, I am beat! I pulled an all nighter this last week to meet a project deadline and THEN had a root canal the next day! So, needless to say, TGIF! 🙂

*John Muller Source:!topic/webmasters/i_dgE7klMAI/discussion