MOZ BUSTED – Spreading SEO Myths

Look at the Big Picture and Test the Details.


Test everything you hear! It is the ONLY way you can know for sure if what you are hearing, reading and or watching is true.

MOZ (use to be SEOMoz but they took off the SEO) did a “WhiteBoard Friday” a month ago that I just happened to catch and watch.

It was titled..

“8 Old School SEO Practices That Are No Longer Effective – Whiteboard Friday”

I thought WOW that is a pretty big claim, not just 1, but 8 things that were no longer effective.. hmm.. so I decided to watch and see what they were.

And then, me being me, and listening to him go through the list, I thought, you know, this sounds like Google propaganda cause um, I think some of these things still work.

So.. again, me being me, I had my team put them to TEST. (which again is the only way to know if what you are listening to is BS or not)

We tested his following theories;

1) Writing Page Titles For Clicks Not Keywords Is Better SEO
2) Exact Match or Partial Match Domains No Longer Work
3) Paid Links Will Get You Penalized
4) Optimize For Multiple Keywords vs. One Keyword Per Page for better SEO results

So what do you think?

Take this Survey and let me know which ones you think are true, and which are myths being spread by pure propaganda.

The survey will instantly let you know what other people think but I will give you the results later this week.

Dori 🙂

p.s. On a personal Note.. It isn’t normally my style to call people out like this, but MOZ is SO big and SO many people listen and read what is posted there and take it for fact.. and then wonder why they don’t rank. And I am not saying all of what they say is soiled, just saying, look at the larger picture and test the details.