SEO Intelligence Quiz #3

Here are the answers to the survey I sent out a couple days ago called “SEO Intelligence Survey #3.” Since then we have had 362 people take the survey.

And I have to say, this time around the group did better as a whole. Although, I did ask some questions that I had already given the answers to from Survey #1, I just changed the words around. lol

Also, if you haven’t heard, we have started a “Testing Club” that is a group of dedicated SEO Professionals combining efforts to test Google’s ranking factors. It is pretty incredibly.

For more information on becoming a member of that, visit:


I probably would of chosen as well, but good for us we tested all of these PLUS MORE (in the club) so we KNOW exactly which ones are the best. We also have a list of which to AVOID!


We actually publish and great info-graphic with a list of the best places for keyword placement last month so not surprised that most of you got this one right. 🙂

The info-graphic and MOST Important On Page SEO Factors can be found here.


YES!! Speed is more important then content!!! Cause if the site don’t load, no matter how good your content is, the user will click away. Good going yall for getting this one!!


I should of added Gif’s to the list as they are also good to use on websites cause they load fast! So even though PNGs are better quality, JPEGS and GIFS are what you should be using on web pages to help with load speed.


This was another one that we published last month so again, I’m not surprised that most of you got this right. I guess next week I have to make the questions harder!! lol

Thanks again for playing and come join us in the SIA’s Testing Club and always KNOW instead of GUESS!

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