SEO Intelligence Quiz 1: Answers

I sent this quiz out yesterday via email and collected about 754 responses at the time of publishing this. Most of the questions were answered incorrectly by most of the surveyors. This pretty much shows us HOW IMPORTANT testing is.

My next post will be going over “How to Test” as I take one from start to end. But for now, enjoy the answers! 🙂


And actually the pages that used the keyword in bold and italics were never indexed, showing the power of the PLAIN keyword when multiple options are available.




Kyle did this with a “bot” and made it stay for 10 seconds so Google Analytics recorded it. He says, a page with more traffic, even crap traffic will win evertime.


Google hasn’t used Meta description or keywords as a ranking value for a long time, BUT, you should do it anyway cause it helps click through value! And, you never know when it will change and they will count it again.


Question4Yeah! Most of you got this right! Keyword IN TITLE is the absolute most important on page factor. I can’t wait to tell you what 2-11 are. 🙂 You will be surprised as I was! 🙂


I was a little surprised that most of you picked the .com as this has been tested my a lot of people including myself a couple years ago and the answer is the .org. BUT, in “perceptions” to the user, the .com wins click through rate, so if you are branding, absolutely get the .com, but if you are just making an SEO play for a short term gain, the .org is it.

Well, at least it was 2 years ago when I tested it. This is the test I am going to do live in the next couple of days while showing you how to set up a test. Yes some tests are a bit time consuming, BUT as you can see above, there is a lot of SEO’s who “think” they know, and why “think” when you can easily “know as fact.” 🙂

Dori 🙂


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13 thoughts on “SEO Intelligence Quiz 1: Answers

  1. These are great! I would be interested to see a list of tests with the top 10 on page tests and then the top ten linking tests?

  2. Awesome quiz Dori. What I find most interesting is that seo “experts” are still recommending incorrect practices. Just today I was watching a video made recently recommending bolding keywords. I thought that was old advice while watching it but it made me wonder if something had changed and it was back in “style”.

  3. Very interesting results with the .org. Would it make sense to grab the .org along with the .com and rank the .org and redirect with masking to the .com?
    I look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve!

  4. Thanks Dori, you did certainly surprised me!
    I never expected Google never using meta-data to Rank, but it is supposed to rise Click through Rate, right? Or I can’t explain the bunch of products I’ve seen to change it in order to Rank, otherwise.
    About “bot” traffic, is there a restriction to use it? Will Google ban me if I use it to Rank a landing page? Thanks.

  5. Great to see the results and your comments. I am surprised about .org ranking best as during my searches on the internet it is always .com at the top. Looking forward to seeing your new SEO test on this.

  6. Hi Dori, top class info as usual.
    Can you please include .mobi in your test? Google have hinted at its potential value long-term and they sure like it now. With the predominance of mobile searches it would be good to know how it fares against the regular extensions.

  7. I have very little knowledge about SEO…but I want to know more places. Dori I need you to carry me along. I don’t have a website nor blog but I wish to have one. I love what you guys are doing and I want to part of it.

  8. Testing is the only thing that counts.
    Interesting how the old SEO is obsolete.
    The org was a shocker.
    SEO is a moving target.
    Thanks Dori. You’re the best.