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Who is Push Button Influence’s Alex Mandossian, and why should you hang on his every word?

Alex Mandossian and I met in 2001 at a seminar in Cincinnati, Ohio… on the plane out there actually, since we were both from the San Francisco Bay Area. I immediately became a huge fan of his and after listening to a number of his webinars I decided to “buy” an hour of his time for consultation on a project I was working on.

Not only did he give me an hour, but he continued meeting with me until my project was complete and making money. He really stepped up when he didn’t have to.

I recorded every session I had with him because he was SO prolific I didn’t want to miss anything. I mean, this guy has skills!!!

The sales letter that has made me over $500k to date just flowed out of his mouth as I recorded and then transcribed.

We also ended up testing all types of things together with this product, including him sending me leads and then if they purchased, he would send the customer a CHECK IN THE MAIL in the amount of the commission he would of earned on the sell. His reasoning: what better way to solidify a customer’s loyalty then by sending them money!

So make no mistake, if Alex Mandossian is behind it, it is going to be GREAT and I will be first in line to get it. He has made me money in the past and I am sure his influence will continue to sprinkle zero’s into my bank account.

About Push Button Influence

Alex has teamed up with Steve Olsher to create a six month training program that focuses in hard on what it takes to SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE YOUR MARKETING REACH by leveraging the power of New Media.  What is New Media?  It’s all things digital media and Internet related: the World Wide Web, social media platforms, your website, other people’s websites, connections with bloggers and influencers, ebooks, press releases, and the list goes on.  Push Button Influence teaches authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, professionals and small business owners how to get VISIBILITY and that all important MEDIA EXPOSURE, because the fact is, the people who have the most exposure are the ones that are taking home the money.

Alex and Steve have written a step by step blueprint for how to get “push button influence” and have beta tested it with a group of members who PAID THEM to be the guinea pigs. This group has helped to iron out any weaknesses and now,

This is awesome, invaluable stuff that every single person who is doing any marketing online or running a business offline will benefit from. I guarantee, you’re going to want to know everything about it.

The PBI Review!

Push Button Influence is a 10-week coaching and training program by Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher. It is built around a refined, proven and highly effective blueprint for HOW to secure significant exposure by leveraging the power of new media to create and control your own distribution channel.

The program is for authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, professionals, small business owners – basically, it is for everyone who is looking to gain more exposure. You will be able to learn how to build a name for yourself and your brand through a new and never before heard method.

The unique promise of Push Button Influence (PBI) is to become a New Media Influencer. You would only need a few buttons to push to be able to gain a massive, almost instant influence. It doesn’t mean that it is quick; it doesn’t mean that it is easy, but it is simple and it has been proven that it does work.

The program has been beta tested with a group of members who have paid (!) to be part of the program and be the guinea pigs. The group has helped in ironing out any weaknesses and to ensure that the course has all the information needed.

The training is broken down into 5 Push Button Influence Pillars – Learning, Doing, Connecting, Automation, and Scaling which wraps up in a three-day live event.

Pillar 1: Learning

It is composed of 8 “How To” Modules that are mobile-friendly (AUDIO/Video/Transcripts) and comes with an action guide and checklists.

  1. Content (Message, Branding, TOI)
  2. Technology (Video, Audio, Written – Platforms)
  3. Planning (Editorial Calendar, Guests, Curation, Productivity)
  4. Repurposing (Syndication, Simulcasting, Amplification)
  5. Production
  6. Engagement (Audience, Community, Persuasion, Marketing – getting in front of the right Person, Conversion – getting the right people to take your desired action, Countdown Timers, etc.)
  7. Networking (Connecting With Other Hosts, Media, JV partners, Guests, Influencers)
  8. Outsourcing – Tools & Resources

*All members get access to a private, members only, Facebook group.

*There would be live webinars where you can get all your questions answered – 1-1.5 hours each webinar and are associated with each module.

*Live support desk to assist you in any queries you have that are related to the program.

Goal: Have your first Web RADIO/TV SHOW in the first 21 days.

Pillar 2 – Doing

Pillar 2 is where you get to implement everything that you have learned from the training in Pillar 1. There would be a variety of challenges based on the 8 modules.

  • Implementation Points – Points are earned by completing modules/quizzes.
  • Influence Points – Points are earned through conducting interviews, being interviewed, and corresponding with other influencers.
  • PBI Leaderboard – focus on the challenge, gain points, be part of the leaderboard, and win prizes!

– PBI Radio Show Interview/Guest

– Friday Hangout

– PBI Spotlight (Public Acknowledgment)

– Mailing of your Offer/Product to their List

– MVP Facebook Group

– Status Tokens

Goal: Publish 3 shows on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube in 44 days.

Pillar 3 – Connecting

Pillar 3 is where you get to connect and network with New Media Influencers and other Members

  • Community

– Private Facebook group

– Member-driven support, engagement, connection

  • Access

– Access to Alex, Steve, New Media Influencers

  • Online Media “Pitch Wall”

– Pitch your best stuff

– Members & Expert reviews

– Get booked from other members

  • Push Button Influence Live
  • Networking with Influencers

– Influencer Hit List : list of 241 Social Media influencers, complete with their full makes, info, amount of followers, and their email address

  • Connect with other PBI student shows (Practice)

Pillar 4 – PBI Automation 

 Pillar 4 is the Done for your Section where the tools and blueprints are.

  • Pre-Negotiated Software Vendor List

– Discounted Tools & Resources

– Funnel Software (Clickfunnels)

WebinarJam (6 Months for 1$)


  • Blueprint Bonanza

– Funnel Blueprints (automatic push into your account!)

– Webinar, Email, Show Templates (scripts & doc templates)

– F.I.T. Formula

  • New Media Website! (WP files)

Goal: Have all systems and templates implemented by the end of the program so that at the “Push of a Button”, you can Broadcast Your Brilliance

Pillar 5 – Scaling

Pillar 5 is the culmination of the course in a three-day live event on June 23-25, 2016 in Los Angeles.

  1. Ultimate PBI Empire
    Ultimate Podcast Directory
    Ultimate Web 2.0 Syndication
    Ultimate New Media Show Directory
  2. 3 day LIVE Training
    1. Day 0
      Mastermind (High-End Clients + Sponsors)
      Ice Breaker (Students)
    2. Day 1
      Pitch Fest (Students trying to convince influencers to have them on their show)
      Expert Panel Judging with Alex, Steve, etc.
    3. Day 2
      Deep dive into selected areas of focus
      Bookstore (PB Monetization)
    4. Day 3
      Continued deeper level training
      Celebration (Brunch)
    5. Private OPEN OFFICE HOURS (Alex & Steve) to handle FAQs + Roadblocks
    6. LiveCast
    7. NMI Panel
    8. Live Blab Show From The Event

Goal: To perfect the PBI pitch and immerse in the PBI Community

Aside from the whole program, which was discussed above, you also get the following bonuses from PBI:

  • Ultimate Podcast Site Directory
  • Ultimate Web 2.0 Syndication
  • Ultimate New Media Show Directory
  • Media Pitch School Live with Alex and Steve
  • PBI Campaign Template

As I said earlier, this isn’t going to be quick and easy. You would have to go through the materials and learn them, you would have homework to do, there would be challenges. However, Alex and Steve are going to walk with you, step by step, through the whole program and you will have all the support that you would need to make sure you gain success through it. All YOU would have to do is put in the effort and commitment.

Dori Friend’s BEST Push Button Influence Bonuses:

“Get $10,779 in FREE Bonuses For The Most Profitable and Sustainable Business Model for Beginners or Savvy Marketers that You’ll Ever Find…”

Let me preface to say that I like for my bonuses to focus solely on quality and exclusivity vs handing you over a laundry list of 47 shiny bonuses “$$$ valued” at some random amount that you will probably never use.

Bonus #1: A Private Consultation With Me, Dori Friend***

This is available to the first 10 Fast Action Takers ONLY!

 Real Sales Price $1,997

Bonus #2: Private Skype Mastermind Group- Led By ME And My Team


I rarely do phone calls but I LIVE in Skype- and so does my team 🙂

Plus, I love masterminds 🙂 So I want to put everyone that joins under me in an elite group so we can brainstorm together. I’m involved in a lot of Masterminds myself and I feel they have given me a competitive edge in the business world.

I TRULY believe in Masterminds!

And well, for the true introverts (like myself) being able to just watch what other people have questions about or brainstorm about is a great way to learn!

Real Sales Price $997 a year

Bonus #3: Rocket Email Mastery Course (For Dummies)

One of my friends, Kim Albee, is an absolute genius when it comes to email marketing. It was her that I went to when I needed a module about it for Page One Engine and we will sell it as a stand-alone product next year, but you can get it here, NOW.

Kim goes into the best kept secrets of list building and getting the most value out of your list. You see, Anik is going to teach you to “Build A List” as it is the #1 most important factor in ANY online business. Well for any business for that matter. If all else fails, if you have a list, you can create something new and sell it to them. When I fell flat on my face in 2012 after Google’s rampage on Blog Networks, it was MY LIST that keep the food on the table. I can’t stress enough the importance of building a list and learning how to use it properly for long term asset building!

Real Sales Price $497

Bonus #4: Website Wizardry (For Dummies)

When it comes to the basics, Ann Premazon is the one I go to. Ann has put together a course that will show you how to put up a WordPress Website in less than a hour. Yep, she is going to take ALL the MYSTERY out of putting up a website. Here is just one of the testimonials that came in on our Page One Engine Facebook group from it.


It’s 2016, about TIME it’s easy to create a website, when you want one we will show you how to make it fast 🙂

Real Sales Price $297

Bonus #5: Facebook Traffic Case Study

I have recently started testing the waters in PAID traffic. Yea I said it 🙂 Everyone knows I have been the SEO geek for so long now but I think I’ve got that figured out so now I am expanding my businesses and adding to my sales with paid traffic. I have a new product I am about to release and am going to record every single thing I do on the paid traffic side of things. That means you will be able to watch and copy exactly what I do. This will make it extremely easy for you if you would like to do the same thing. I learn best by watching others and then implementing so I have a feeling quite a few of you will appreciate my birds eye view of an entire campaign. (Granted you will just need to change your keywords and your ads but you get the picture)

Real Sales Price $1,997

Bonus #6: Google Page One Ranking Wizard: 100 Links From MY OWN PBN!*

I know: Dori, um, what the HECK are Links from a PBN!!???

The most simple way I can explain it is: Google chooses which sites to post on Page 1 based on WHAT site they think is “the most popular” How do you become more popular… well if you have a website that has 100 other websites sending a link to it compared to a website that no one is sending links to… which site do you think Google will think is more popular? 🙂 (the one that has other websites sending links to it RIGHT!?)

So a PBN is a network of websites built to be able to share links with our friends sites so we can help them get to the top of google. I have built up a LOT of these sites so I can share links with my friends and customers to help them out.

And I am going to help YOUR product out.

That’s right, I am going to give you 100 links from sites in my own personal private PBN network. I purchase sites with high authority for maximum RANKING achievement! In fact, you may have found me on Google’s search when you searched for a review on Push Button Influence. 🙂 It is using THIS network that enables me to do it.

This bonus is small in explanation, but HUGE in  accounting for ranking your assets and I normally charge $30 per link!

Real Sales Price $2,997

So let’s do this!…

Change Your Mind and Change Your Life
Today is YOUR Day!

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