Publish Academy’s REVIEW and BONUS by Dori Friend

Are you thinking about how to REALLY make things work online?


I know you have questions:

IS Publish Academy Right For Me?

WHO IS Anik Singal?

Is there REALLY a way to leave the “9 to 5”?

 Dori (me, the one in Anik’s book)
is here to help answer your questions 🙂

Plus let you in on how to best use Anik’s course with MY help
to bring everything together!

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First off, I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

You landed on this site and are reading all of this for a REASON 🙂

And, let’s Face it: you are looking for a new opportunity. You want
freedom and I bet you have been yearning for this for quite some time (or you wouldn’t be here).

There are two things you need to really make it in the online world:

  1. A Product (easier than you think if you follow a formula)

  2. Traffic to the product (easier than you think if you follow a formula)

(yes there are ways to sell other peoples products online and make a percentage of selling those products (affiliate commission) but the margins are smaller, so the real way is to have your own product)

So let’s break those 2 factors down:

  1. A Product- the type of product that is easiest to sell is a Digital Product. That means it is all delivered online so there is NO inventory to sit on so your profits are extremely high. And building a digital Product is exactly what Anik teaches how to do in his Publish Academy course.

My “review” and thoughts on Publish Academy:

I am going to be honest and warn you: If you see anyone try to give you a review, they are “making it up!” This is the very first time Anik Singal has released the product and NO ONE has seen the product yet as it is currently being created.

Which is GREAT : because that means it is FRESH MATERIAL!

So instead of giving you a false review and adding to the chain of “Publish Academy Reviews & Bonuses” that are just there to get you to click on their link. (You know the ones, the long posts with no real face or fresh content that just rehash what Anik has already let you know is in the course.)

Instead: I am going to tell you what Anik told ME:

“It is as simple as it sounds, I have listened to my previous students and clients and created a step by step system to teach others how to create their own digital products.”

So what? Why is Anik’s course so special?

Anik Singal is one of the most brilliant marketers I know. I have been doing this stuff since 2000 (check the registration date on my domain lol) and when it comes to learning how to create a product: He is your guy!

There are probably other courses out there on how to create a digital product. But no one knows HOW to teach and motivate like Anik Singal. I know for a fact he has an entire team that works for him that simply works on his “education” side. These are people trained to do one thing and one thing only: get the content across in a way to make sure it is easy and simple to follow for his students.

And I also know for a fact that Anik started in the same position you are in. He started off all by himself and has learned the ropes and learned what works and doesn’t work. So he is there to save you a ton of time and money.

Making it Fail Proof:

On top of the step by step digital product creation system I know Anik has come up with a 5 item checklist to make SURE you do not fail with your first product. And I say first because once you do one product you WILL see how easy this is and learn to quickly rinse and repeat to have multiple products available to sell. Anik has pinpointed the exact 5 things you need to make sure you follow to make sure your products will be successful. I sure wish I would have known this when I started online!

Is Publish Academy Right for You?

The internet is completely changing this world. It is making it possible for people to leave the daily grind of the 9 to 5. There are literally THOUSANDS of niches you can get into online. I have tons of customers from my SEO business and day after day I see new niches that I never would have even thought of but they are making a living ONLINE doing what they love. Anik will teach you how to find something you are interested in and before you dive in you will use his easy checklist to make sure its a fail proof niche and then you can dive in.

I am Living Proof this Works:

Personally, I have made millions of dollars selling my digital products. It works, I know it works and I am basically jumping up and down waving my arms and telling you IT WORKS. When I started online there were NO formulas or recipes or blueprints there to teach me how to do it like Anik is teaching it. You have it so much more easier now! It is literally all laid out for you and you get to follow a system.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

I mean really, I have spent 10’s of THOUSANDS of dollars on courses and workshops and now you can get what we used to have to spend TONS on to learn for a fraction of what us “old guys” had to spend. Learn from an expert who has already been there and done that and is ready to share with you exactly how they did it.

I’m actually a bit jealous now..

I really wish I would have had all of this when I started because it is SO much easier when you have a formula to follow to get started. And thanks to Anik, the process to create your digital product is all laid out for you to build:

Step by Step.

Brick by Brick.

So, That wraps up Part 1 needed to make it online: A Product

Lets talk about the 2nd thing to make things happen online: Traffic

Not only is Anik going to teach you how to create a product with Publish Academy; he is also going to teach you his methods for traffic. But Traffic is MY true expertise, so MY exclusive bonus that you will get for FREE when you sign up for Publish Academy under me is where the game really changes.

My bonuses will make sure you;

A) get your product created by providing the extra support you need and

B) have all of the knowledge and methods needed to make getting traffic to your product a SIMPLE process!

You see, it is not often that I go through the process to create bonus stacks for products to promote to my followers. But, I love Anik, I love his stuff and I think you will too, so I would like to introduce you to..

Dori Friend’s BEST Publish Academy Bonuses:

“Get $10,779 in FREE Bonuses For The Most Profitable and Sustainable Business Model for Beginners or Savvy Marketers that You’ll Ever Find…”

Let me preface to say that I like for my bonuses to focus solely on quality and exclusivity vs handing you over a laundry list of 47 shiny bonuses “$$$ valued” at some random amount that you will probably never use.

Bonus #1: A Private Consultation With Me, Dori Friend***

This is available to the first 10 Fast Action Takers ONLY!

This is only the 2nd time in my life I have ever offered a personal consult with me as a bonus. I feel SO strong about my followers learning how to create digital products that I want to make sure that the fast action takers have my full support when they are ready!

 Real Sales Price $1,997

Bonus #2: Private Skype Mastermind Group- Led By ME And My Team


I rarely do phone calls but I LIVE in Skype- and so does my team 🙂

At some point you are going to have questions and I’m sure Anik’s team will have support covered but I remember what it was like to be in your shoes and first getting started and I do not ever want you to feel alone. So, if you get stuck or have more in depth questions you need answered we will be there for you.

Plus, I love masterminds 🙂 So I want to put everyone that joins under me in an elite group so we can brainstorm together. I’m involved in a lot of Masterminds myself and I feel they have given me a competitive edge in the business world.

I TRULY believe in Masterminds!

And well, for the true introverts (like myself) being able to just watch what other people have questions about or brainstorm about is a great way to learn!

Real Sales Price $997 a year

Bonus #3: Rocket Email Mastery Course (For Dummies)

One of my friends, Kim Albee, is an absolute genius when it comes to email marketing. It was her that I went to when I needed a module about it for Page One Engine and we will sell it as a stand-alone product next year, but you can get it here, NOW.

Kim goes into the best kept secrets of list building and getting the most value out of your list. You see, Anik is going to teach you to “Build A List” as it is the #1 most important factor in ANY online business. Well for any business for that matter. If all else fails, if you have a list, you can create something new and sell it to them. When I fell flat on my face in 2012 after Google’s rampage on Blog Networks, it was MY LIST that keep the food on the table. I can’t stress enough the importance of building a list and learning how to use it properly for long term asset building!

Real Sales Price $497

Bonus #4: Website Wizardry (For Dummies)

When it comes to the basics, Ann Premazon is the one I go to. Ann has put together a course that will show you how to put up a WordPress Website in less than a hour. Yep, she is going to take ALL the MYSTERY out of putting up a website. Here is just one of the testimonials that came in on our Page One Engine Facebook group from it.


It’s 2015, about TIME it’s easy to create a website, when you want one we will show you how to make it fast 🙂

Real Sales Price $297

Bonus #5: Facebook Traffic Case Study

I have recently started testing the waters in PAID traffic. Yea I said it 🙂 Everyone knows I have been the SEO geek for so long now but I think I’ve got that figured out so now I am expanding my businesses and adding to my sales with paid traffic. I have a new product I am about to release and am going to record every single thing I do on the paid traffic side of things. That means you will be able to watch and copy exactly what I do. This will make it extremely easy for you if you would like to do the same thing. I learn best by watching others and then implementing so I have a feeling quite a few of you will appreciate my birds eye view of an entire campaign. (Granted you will just need to change your keywords and your ads but you get the picture)

Real Sales Price $1,997

Bonus #6: Google Page One Ranking Wizard: 100 Links From MY OWN PBN!*

I know: Dori, um, what the HECK are Links from a PBN!!???

The most simple way I can explain it is: Google chooses which sites to post on Page 1 based on WHAT site they think is “the most popular” How do you become more popular… well if you have a website that has 100 other websites sending a link to it compared to a website that no one is sending links to… which site do you think Google will think is more popular? 🙂 (the one that has other websites sending links to it RIGHT!?)

So a PBN is a network of websites built to be able to share links with our friends sites so we can help them get to the top of google. I have built up a LOT of these sites so I can share links with my friends and customers to help them out.

And I am going to help YOUR product out.

That’s right, I am going to give you 100 links from sites in my own personal private PBN network. I purchase sites with high authority for maximum RANKING achievement! In fact, you may have found me on Google’s search when you searched for a review on Publish Academy. 🙂 It is using THIS network that enables me to do it.

This bonus is small in explanation, but HUGE in  accounting for ranking your assets and I normally charge $30 per link!

*For Platinum Purchases Only – For Your Product

Real Sales Price $2,997

Bonus #7: Dori Friend’s Ridiculous No Brainer Money Back Guarantee!

This is how much I believe in Anik’s course and creating products for online consumption, AND, how much I want YOU TO WIN! If for any reason you do everything Anik tells you to do, you have your product up, you have your systems in place, you sent traffic to it and you have NOT earned DOUBLE the amount that you paid for the training, then “I” will buy your business for the same amount you paid for the training. (which I know will be worth more then what I am paying so this is more to say, hey, I guarantee you are going to make money on a product you create, if you totally fail, which I know you won’t, I will buy it for the cost of the course so you will be out no money)

Value $797-$1,997

So let’s do this!…

Change Your Mind and Change Your Life
Today is YOUR Day!


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Ps. You really are in the right place at the right time. The internet IS changing and the world is your oyster. REALLY! Now is YOUR time to SEIZE this opportunity and learn directly from Anik the same things others have paid tens of thousands for, as I have as well!

I recently hired him to do my last launch, which was the largest single launch I have ever done, and I DID do $1.1 million in sales. You can check out the JV page here where I learned from him how to recruit JV (people to help promote) partners.

Pss. Anik is fancy, check out his Wikipedia page, I gotta figure out how to do that 🙂


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