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Calling All SEO’s – I’m Hiring

Yep, I’m hiring. I am looking for the most talented SEO Professionals on the planet to join my team in an educational project to help Newbies not only understand but thrive with SEO/Online Marketing. If you think you are good.. really good, and have a calling to teach, coach and mentor a group of eager students to success, then this may be for you. If you think you have a seo product inside you and want to get it out and have me and my friends promote it, then this may be for you. And, if you have extensive expertise in ANY of these SEO business models, reputation management, launch jacking, local seo/busienss placement, renting/leasing sites, affiliate seo, adsense, agency seo, ranking major keywords, ranking Amazon pages, ranking long tail, etc.. ..then this is for you! Email me at with the suject line: SEO AWESOMENESS cheers, Dori p.s. Anik Singal may make Internet Marketing History. So far, we think the largest launch has been ASM but Anik has had over 200k opt-ins for this so he stands a chance to BEAT that launch!=:0

My “Seo Quick Start Guide”

SEO can be a very daunting especially for newbies, and I admit, most of my stuff is on the advanced side so I decided to create a “Seo Quick Start Guide” to help explain the basic process in an easy visual format. The video below goes into a little more detail about each step. I also had to cut out a section of the video (so I could meet YouTube’s 10 minute guideline) where I talk about asking if anyone else knows of good places to get non optimal linking done. You know, something we can outsource to to get links up in places that generally don’t carry a link juice punch but would take care of those non optimal links we need to get done. I am compiling a list and would like it to be as complete as possible before I release THAT process map lol. Also, my Home Study Course is coming right alone and right now if you pre order, you get my Advanced SEO Workshop recordings. (which probably won’t stay attached to that for long) They are half gone now, sooooo 😉

Testimonials :-)

Made a video of folks at a couple of my last workshops. It is not your normal testimonial video, I bit on the sarcastic side at first, hopefully the humor comes through 😉