OK, OK Already...

In response to the countless requests I have for
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training,
I offer you...

Internet Marketing

Get the Personal Attention you want
and the
Hands-On Training you need
to finally learn how to Optimize Your Websites for the Search Engines and Create a White Hat Linking Network that will catapult your Website onto PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE, GUARANTEED!*

I will give you FIVE Page Rank 3 sites to start it all out with!

And then let you link from 200 of my authority sites!

Who Else Wants
to be on

Page One of Google?

At Last , A Workshop Tailored to teach you
The Secrets of SEO.

Learn What I do in my SEO Business that people pay me hundreds of dollars per keyword for.

I'll take you by the hand and walk you through each step of Search Engine Optimization (all the stuff no one else teaches) so you leave in command of your own Websites and your own Destiny.

Here's the catch...

No Grumps, No Whiners
(drinking winers ok ;-)

or Negative Attitudes Allowed!

This is a VERY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY to get the training that everyone is asking for while spending
a close
intimate weekend with me (Dori) my
partner (Jill) on our 2 ranches
with 4 dogs, 9 barn cats, 5 horses, 1 mule, 1 cow, 4 goats,
2 potbellied pigs, 1 rescued finch, and I don’t even know how many chickens

and can you say ...
“organic free-range eggs" every morning? ;-)

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:

I am going to make this short and sweet as I know that this is going to sell out fast.

Am I being cocky?

Maybe. But then again, I can be! I get results!

Check out my Results!
Click the video below.

Or Listen to Jimmy!


  Dori, being on page one of Google for JUST ONE of my keywords has increase my monthly revenue by $6,000! ... That is $72k a year!! I can't thank you enough for letting me use your Power Linking Network to pop my page one of Google for a couple of HUGE keywords that I have. As you know, I have been trying to for 5 years to get there, and within 7 weeks of using your network I FINALLY DID IT! Thanks again Dori, You Rock!"

- Jimmy Sweeney


Jimmy is a buddy of mine and that is why he got my inside scoop that rocked his world and believe me, the guy takes VERY good care of me every time we see each other.

So... I am now going to

And you ask me, "Now Dori, why in the world would you be willing to do that? Won't it diminish what you do and aren't you worried that I will be your competitor?"

And I say, "Well, first, no and no. There is just too many keywords to optimize for, that is like asking a farmer to plow the entire west coast. Just ain 't going to happen.

Second, I will be honest, there are some secrets about buying expired domains that I am afraid to share, so if I do, you are sworn to secrecy.

And third, as you may or may not employ the tactic of having multiple legs to your financial table, I do, and teaching is one of them. I routinely have workshops here at my two ranches in California, so it is part of my business plan as I ain 't retired yet, I spend too much money on horses and toys!! ;-)

So that is why I am doing it.

And since I just released my SEONitro Network (and you can't get in at VIP it is sold out for now, so that is not why I mention this) but, I am creating a lot of tutorials and other stuff for them that you will get as well.

And, I want to create great case studies and testimonials so when I create larger networks for folks to link from it will be easier to sell. (that is another part of my business plan, so you can see it is all connected LOL)

And with that said, this is the first time since my Traffic King Pro workshops that I am teaching my SEO strategies and a TON of people have been begging me it...

...so I imagine it will sell out pretty fast, but then again, I have a small list, so who knows, it just might be you and me, but then again...LOL (can you tell I am having fun writing this, I love SEO so I am actually more excited about this then the other workshops I have had here!)

So...If you are reading this and the links are still live then I suggest you scroll down and sign up if you are at all interested in learning how to get your site on page one of Google.

Look, I just pushed my client, BlindChalet.com, to the first page of Google for the keyword "Blinds!" How is that for a fricken huge monster term.

And if that doesn't impress you then maybe knowing I was just voted best speaker at Jeff Johnsons "Traffic Blue Print" Workshop for just an hour of my information. (I won a beautiful iMac!) So, I think you get what an entire weekend with me would do for your online business.


No One Teaches
What I Know, Cause They DON'T KNOW IT!


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I can be cocky about it cause I have studied the beast for 7 years and I know what works, what doesn't and am willing to tell ONLY a

Here's the deal…

I've been online since 1993 and marketing with my own websites since 2000.

I have been living on what I make on the Internet (for over 8+ years) with natural traffic.

I also just spoke at Yanik Silver's prestigious Underground Marketers Seminar where I shared many of the tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

dori friend speaking

Before that, I was a software designer for Apple Computer.
So yes, I am a Geek.

Here's my demo reel from those days:


Because I worked at Apple and lived and breathed "Ease of Use," I gained a special talent for making things EASY... or Idiot Proof rather. I can take something complex and put it into step-by-step instructions that even a 10 year old (or should I say a 40-70 year old ;-) can understand.

So, even though most folks think that Search Engine Optimization is like rocket science, (and it is sometimes) I am going to make it SO easy for you, you will go home knowing exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.

In fact, I will tell you right now, there are only really two parts to Search Engine Optimization.

On Page Optimization


Off Page Optimization

I am here to tell you OFF Page Optimization is the absolute MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to affect your Search Engine Placement.

So don't even think I am going to talk to you about keyword density. NOT A CHANCE!!!!!

And even though I am WILL talk about some On Page Optimization, we are going to spend most of our time learning Off Page Optimization Strategies and building YOUR OWN Linking Network. This is critical if you want to succeed in the future online with natural traffic. YOU MUST CONTROL YOUR OWN LINKING NETWORK.

And I am going to show you how to build it from the ground up, and then I am going to show you the short cuts that NO ONE KNOWS or if they do, they aren't talking about it! Here is the intro to that...


And I am going to GIVE YOU
5 SEONitro Authority sites
that will have a
PAGERANK 3 or HIGHER!!! to start getting you going on your way to page one placement on Google!

this is the start of YOUR network!

And I am going to do this before you get here so you can start your linking process and moving you sites up the search engines so by the time you get here it is going to be GRAVY!! (and yes, I will show you how to do this!)

and then when you are here...

Without divulging to much information into my tips and tricks, this is only part of what you are going to learn...

1. What off page optimization is, why it is so important and how to use it to get your site on Page One of Google.

2. What Supporting Linking is and Why this type of linking matters so much when going for placement on Page One of Google.

3. What types of Supporting Links you need to get your site to Page One of Google.

4. What type of sites you need your Supporting Links from to get your site on Page One of Google.

5. What a Linking Network is and how to build your OWN to push your site to Page One of Google.

6. Using Social Networks in combination with your linking Network to Maximize your exposure on Page One of Google.

And a ton more... and then we are going to do a...

SEO Makeover of YOUR SITE!

That's right, we are going to go through YOUR SITE and...

1) Zero in on YOUR inner linking structure and make sure you are getting the biggest bang for as little effort possible. You have heard of internal linking, I am going to tell you why it works and hot to push PR through your site.

2) Zero in on YOUR title tags and make sure they are coordinated to the linking strategies I am going to teach you. In my experience title tags still play an important role and is really the only on page optimization I do these days!

3) Zero in on YOUR SEO Base Line to find out where you are at NOW so we can tailor and customize my stratifies to fit YOUR goals!

4) Zero in on YOUR Keywords and make sure you are using the best keywords possible to attract and convert tons of traffic.

5) Reconstruct and overhaul your current strategies so you can maximize what you are already doing.

6) Blast a ton of links to your site from the network you create and from my SEONitro Network of 200 mini authority sites. (you can post to it as much as you want over the weekend)

7) Create a blue print for YOU to follow once you get home so you can continue building on what we do here and finally achieve your SEO goals.

But that's not all!

Before you even get here, you've got homework!
I give you step-by-step instructional videos on starting the SEO Make Over process so you will get...

1. How to create your SEO Baseline. Without knowing where you are at, it is hard to figure out how to get you were you want to go. This creates a starting point for us so we can draw out the map.

2. How to under cover golden Keywords. It isn't always the monster keywords that can bring you a great amount of traffic, I am going to show you what to look for in finding those gems that are less competitive but still drive traffic!

3. How to purchase mini authority sites and expired domains. I want you to start building your own PR Power Linking Network and these videos will teach you where to go, what to look for and MOST IMPORTANT, HOW NOT TO BE SCAMMED!!

4. How to start linking and using your SEONitro Sites. You are going to learn how to get the most out of the sites I give you to start your OWN PR POWER LINKING NETWORK!! You will link to your money sites and start watching them rise in the Search Engines even before you get here!


You must be sure to view all the videos and have your homework
completed BEFORE attending the workshop to get
the most out of your time here.

This is going to be a small intimate group that will ultimately
drive the course of the weekend. By the weekend's end,
it'll be an intense mastermind group.

Get What *YOU* Need

Even though there'll be a lot of time to work and ask questions, we'll also...

Go Over *YOUR* Business and SEO Goals

You'll leave with step-by-step instructions tailored to YOUR business and SEO goals.

I'll to make sure you know exactly what to do and HOW to do it when you get home.

This is a *working* weekend and you'll be working on your business so please bring your laptop computer!

Now here's where it gets REALLY GOOD

I am going
wine and dine you.

...and I'll probably entertain you (I'm known for letting loose around the weekend nightly bon fires ;) I might even let you drink some of my cherished red wine from the local wineries (Amador County is KNOWN for its Zinfandels ;-)

I have a beautiful ranch/resort with animals roaming all around. But it's really not what you think when you hear the word *ranch*. It's more like a *resort* and my friends NEVER want to leave. Check it out below...

(and here's a picture of one of last years training's. We either set up the table in a classroom style (as you see), or we position it in a square so everyone faces each other) And I may do something different this time! :-)

The best way to learn is in small, intimate groups. That's why I limit workshops to a very small group

I am not into the self promoting so much but here are just some of the gushy (I love it though ;-) unsolicited comments emailed to me from my SEO Intensive graduates.

  'OH MY GOD.....Was it my imagination or did we have a great time stuffing TKP into our brains this past weekend?...If the March class goes half as well those people are in for the treat of their life!'  

  'Thank you for a great weekend. I really appreciate everything you did for me and your hospitality and kindness are phenomenal.'  

  ''Thanks for a Fantastic Weekend!...I just wanted to tell you that I had a really fantastic time at the TKP Intensive. I'm all chock full of valuable information, which is great, but I also had a wonderful time getting to know a little about you, Jill and the rest of the guests.'

  'The stuff that was shared over the weekend really took me to a new level with this stuff!'  

  'You have an amazing place and it is very obvious that you have gone to a lot of trouble to make it as welcoming as possible.
Thanks for everything!'

  'about the week end... it was over the edge!'  

Here's the bad news. Dori Friend does not teach very much. She really does not have to teach at all, since she fills up most of her time with her very successful Internet work and her two ranches. If you haven't heard of her, you will. Dori is the go-to gal for most of the most successful Internet marketing people. That's because she's the technical person, the one who understands what Internet marketers must do in terms of the technology in order to succeed and ... how to make it happen.
If you ever get the opportunity to see or hear Dori teach, take it!! Quit your job, leave your spouse, go AWOL, or whatever you have to do, but grab the chance. Here's why.
Dori literally lets you in to "her world." I attended a newbie technology seminar that was held on her ranch. It's not just a working ranch, it's a working Internet business. During my seminar, I got to see Dori's office (my TV screen isn't as big as her computer screen), eavesdrop on Dori's colleagues discussing various Internet ventures, and got hours of hands-on instruction. Dori's classes are not formal. My class was a working weekend where we built a couple of sites with Dori explaining, watching, and showing us some tricks of the trade. I even got to meet her parents and play with her dogs. That's how generous Dori is.
It was an awesome program not just because of the technology (which is her strength) but also because it gave me a vision of what an Internet business and Internet lifestyle could be. What's more I left knowing that I could DO what she was talking about. Sometimes you feel great in an Internet seminar till you get home and realize you don't have the technical know-how to pull off what you just learned. You won't have a techno-hang-over after he programs!
Dori says she wants to teach some more programs. If she does, grab them. There really isn't a way to put a price tag on what you can get from this kind of thing. Dori literally shortened my learning curve by about one year in just four days. How much is a year worth? Plus, she's a lot of fun. But despite her generosity and knack for teaching, she doesn't have a whole lot of time for this sort of thing, and I'm afraid one day she'll just opt out of the teaching business. 
Dori didn't ask me to write this. She's not paying me, she never even encouraged me, in fact, I don't even know if she uses many testimonials.  I'm just saying this because when I originally heard about her course, I was on the fence. If you are too, take my word for it. This is one program that's worth the investment of your time and money. 
Now for a word of warning. Bring a good attitude, an open mind, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Dori is not afraid to talk and explain some pretty complicated technical concepts. The things she asks you to do in the class are not always easy. I think everyone in my group hit some speed bumps here and there. If this is the sort of thing that would make you give up, stay away. Besides the content of the course, the course also taught that Internet mind set: the idea that if it doesn't work one way, you try it another way, and if it still doesn't work, you get a cup of coffee and try it yet another way. This is not a program for wimps, crybabies, or people who just want to whine. But if you're serious and willing to do the heavy lifting for a few days to wrap your mind around some very important concepts for your business ... you will be stunned at how much you can get out of just a few days with Dori!!
Jo Ann LeQuang

And the winner for the gushiest goes to this blog post, I blush just reading it LOL http://www.michaelalmshook.com

  March 7, 2007

How to get good at what you want to do

I spent some time recently at Dori Friend’s ranch in Ione, California, close by the Sacramento delta region. She has a beautiful peaceful place with horses, 4 very friendly Labrador dogs, ducks, geese, chickens and many cats. She loves animals and each one of them knows they are well loved. They are some of the friendliest animals I have ever met. My collie dog, Clancy was very interested in how my clothes smelled when I got back.

In case you don’t know who Dori is, if you are going to Yanik’s Underground Seminar this year, you will get a chance to meet her. She is one of Yanik’s secret underground agents and she is very good at what she does. And what she does is Adsense and affiliate marketing. Well, actually what she does is bring a ton of traffic to her sites with Adsense ads and affiliate products on them. Its already public knowledge in Yanik’s promotional emails, so I don’t mind saying that last year, she earned over $800,000 USD last year with the strategy she will be teaching at Yanik’s.

What she has done is set up one of the houses on her property as a classroom and she taught a small group of us her system for making this kind of money. It was nothing short of amazing. Not only is she smart, a great marketer, but she has developed this system which stands head and shoulders above any Adsense system I have ever seen, and I have most of them. John Barkers’s, Joel Comm’s, Michael Green’s and dozens of “secret technique” courses and ebooks. Nothing compares to what I learned there at Dori’s ranch. I was very, very impressed with her skills.

What impressed me even more though, was her hospitality, generosity and good nature. When I got there and went to my cabin, waiting for me was a bouquet of fresh flowers, freshly ground coffee for the morning, one of those really nice robes like they give you in the really nice hotels, chocolates for my pillow and a small freshly picked rose placed on my towels.

I was stunned.

I’ve been around the Internet for a while and I have never been treated as good as that anywhere. And that was just the beginning. We went on to have all our meals prepared for us, campfires in the fire pit, and bottles of great wine every night.

I came home very spoiled. :-)

But mostly I came home with a ton of knowledge and the expertise to put her system into place. Just by treating me as a guest in her home instead of someone to sell product to, she overcame my natural skeptical defenses (without meaning to) and I became a lifelong customer and friend. And I will easily double my income by the end of the year.

Quality, consistency and honesty — three good traits in marketing. Dori Friend has them all.


And now from the horses mouths ;-)

Let me answer some common questions.

Q. Do I need a computer?

A. Yes, you'll need to bring your own or a borrowed laptop that's Internet capable.

Q. Do I have to purchase any software?

A. No. You don't have to purchase any but there might be tools I discuss that you will want to purchase.

Q. What if I don't have a website but still want to learn your strategies for affiliate marketing.

A. What I teach can be applied for affiliate marketing (selling other peoples products) but I will talk you into getting your own landing pages up! :-)

Q. What if I have special dietary needs?

A. No problem! We'll get you the food you need. Just let us know beforehand.

Q. How much computer experience do I need?

A. You'll need basic internet marketing skills.(this is not for newbies)

Q. Will your solutions work on a MAC?

A. Yes! Remember, I used to work for Apple so all of the solutions I have for you are browser based. They work through your Internet browser and don't have to be installed on your computer. Thus everyone can use them. :-)

So what's this going to cost?

I did a price survey awhile back and asked folks what they'd be willing to pay for Basic Training. The folks who answered in the range where it would not be feasible for me to offer this aren't the type of folks I want to teach anyway because they're the types who are looking to get something for nothing. Then they usually complain about it. You know the ones.

And workshops are just WAY too much work for me prior, during, and in cleaning up afterwards for it to be next-to-free. That's not to mention the money I'd lose in lost time not spent on my other businesses.

But, it's not expensive either! I priced it only to make it worth my time, and to make sure the folks who come are serious and business-minded, not grumpy, nothing works, tire kickers I just spoke of. If that even slightly resembles you, don’t come!

The 5 SEONitro sites I'm going to give you to start your SEO Power Network alone are worth $2500 dollars! That's what I sell them for at seonitro.com (really!)

Let me list what you get again...

  Stay at Local "Gold Rush" town.

Yes, I really do live in the middle of "Gold Rush" country right on the edge of highway 49. (remember the 49ers from your fith grade history lesson?) What better place to discover internet gold LOL
You will love the little historic town AND the saloons.

  All of your tasty meals provided.
    You will get plenty of great things to eat starting with organic eggs in the morning to ribs, hot links and burgers at night with tons of sweet snacks throughout the day!
  3 FULL days of instruction and network building!

You'll leave here with a head full of "know how" and a blueprint of what you need to do when you get home that is tailored to YOUR business and SEO goals.

I am going to share everything with you! I will NOT HOLD ANYTHING BACK! (and I do most of the time, but not this time!)

  You are also going to leave with...

5 SEONitro sites worth $1795!
These sites sell for $500 a piece or 3 for $995 at seonitro.com and I have sold over 300 of them, so this is REAL value. Each site is a PR3 or higher that you can link from to help push your main site up the search engines.


A SEO Makeover of YOUR site!
Find out exactly where your site is now and how to get it to the first page of Google for the least amount of effort!


A Step-By-Step SEO Blue Print customized for your goals.
Easily get products on the Internet and in front of customers. This technique is also well know for capturing emails. In either case, this mechanic will no longer elude you.


As many links as you can produce from my SEONitro Network within the course of the weekend. (when we are not in class, and you can't miss dinner either! ;-)
Folks pay me up to $495 a month for access to this network. You can't get in at that level cause it is sold out for now, so I can only let you post for the weekend. But just this alone is going to do wonders for you Search Engine positioning!

  And before you even get here I am going to give you videos that will give you step-by-step instruction to

How to create your baseline.


Without knowing where you are at, it is hard to figure out how to get you were you want to go. This creates a starting point for us so we can draw out the map.


How to uncover golden keywords.

    It isn't always the monster keywords that can bring you a great amount of traffic, I am going to show you what to look for in finding those gems that are less competitive but still drive traffic!


  How to buy authority sites and expired domains.
    I want you to start building your your own PR Power Linking Network and these videos will teach you where to go, what to look for and MOST IMPORTANT, HOW NOT TO BE SCAMMED!!

So I ask yo u...

How much is it worth to FINALLY get on page one of Google for you keywords? Only you know what this is worth to you. To me, it is priceless!

How much is it worth to FINALLY get rid of all the folks who are charging you for SEO work that doesn't produce much?

How much is it worth to you to FINALLY,... FINALLY take action so you have control of you SEO destiny so you can maneuver your way up the search engines with ease?

How much???

I would pay at least $10,000 for that!

And, I have paid a lot more! Really, I even paid $15,000 to participate in a coaching club!! And that doesn't include what I spent on countless seminars, tapes, and teleseminars putting all this stuff together.

But that's NOT what I'm charging. Not even $5,000 or even $3,000. I might be crazy but I want everyone to be able to come without hardship.

Bottom line is...

I'm only charging a flat $2295 per person...

With that price tag, I can cover my costs and make it worth my time, too. And, for another $570 you can bring a guest. :-)

That is a very, VERY fair price considering what this information and networks are going to do for your online business month after month.

If you can’t see the value in this, then please pass. There's nowhere else you're going to get the personal attention for an entire 5-day weekend from an experienced Internet marketer who will house you and feed you and show you seo secrets that will dramatically change your search engine positions. Nowhere!

the last ones

So don't hesitate to reserve your seat for my
as they won't last long.

Now Available
SEO Intensive
Last One

Sept 25, 26, 27

Links are LIVE!
Click Here to Reserve Your Seat

We'll start at 10am Friday and end late Sunday afternoon. You're encouraged to come Thursday night in order to have plenty of time to get settled and get your computer online.

I live 1 hour from the Sacramento airport and 2.5 hours from the San Francisco airport. You'll be sent my address with directions.

This is truly a rare opportunity for the price.

Reserve Your Seat

Links are LIVE!
Click here to Reserve your Seat!


Dori Friend

P.S. Once these spots are gone, that's it. There'll be NO exceptions. If you want the special attention in this intimate setting, you MUST be one of the 10.

P.S.S. Nowhere are you going to find an experienced Internet marketer willing to take you into their home, to feed you and to give you the training you need at this price, no where!

P.S.S.S. I predicted in my results video that I could push my client BlindChalet.com to page one of Google for the term *Blinds* and guess what? They are now not only on Page #1 they are #6 on it!!!

  * ok, be realistic, if you go for the keyword "mortgage," or other monster keywords, it is going to take a lot more work they you will probably want to put in, so your keywords are important and I am going to teach you to look for keywords that have less completion but still have good traffic!


3451 Dry Creek Road, Ione CA 95640
All sales final.
Cancellation Policy: You can cancel up to one week prior to event for full credit towards another date.