Indexing a New Site: Test Results

We are starting to ramp up our seo testing and thought I would share some results that we just found.

I didn’t even think about testing this until I sat next to a couple of guys that worked for Google’s indexing team at the black-jack table. (I just happened to be staying at the same hotel in Lake Tahoe that hosted their off site)

So in-between the Google engineer-brainiacs teaching me how to play black jack (and I won over $500 that night!) l squeezed them on indexing techniques.

He said, “no need to do anything, we do it automatically for .com and some other extensions!” I said, “what are you talking about, how do you know where a site exists without a link?”

And as he look at me like duh and said, “we track .com and some other extensions registration, so once they are registered, we know it.”

Well my jaw hit the floor while I double down on a pair of Aces and thought, ok, I will just have to test that when i get home, (as I never trust what Google or Google people say! lol)

So, I tested it and yep, sure as sh*t it’s true.

Within 3 days of a .com or .org being registered (and a WP blog put on it) they are indexed! No other action needed!!

So, forget about all those other fancy ways or services to get your site in the index! That is soooo 2011! 😉



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