What is the Value of PageRank Today?

It is true, the last confirmed update happened on April 2, don’t believe me, here is the site that we all parade to to get the answer. http://googlepagerankupdate.com/

So what does this mean? And, have YOU seen any PageRank changes lately?

pagerank image

I know I have have PR5s, 6s and 7s pointing to this site and it hasn’t budged in PageRank! It continues to lament at a boring PR2.  lol I know that I don’t do much linking to SeoNitro.com and it has gone from a PR1 to PR0 in the last 30 days. And, I know the only other reports coming into me have been about PR decreases.

So.. does this mean since there has been no major PageRank update, all my heavy PageRank sites linking to this site or other sites in question have no PageRank at all (or little)? Maybe, but we don’t know it because it hasn’t been updated. =:0

(and yes, I know the tool bar is incredibly out of date and inaccurate so you don’t have to tell me. lol, And, if you know of a reliable source of PageRank data, I would love to know it! 🙂

Or does it mean that Google is slowly dismantling PageRank?

I know I still keep on buying sites at auction that have PageRank because it is PageRank my customers like to see as it still retains that “perceived value.”

But really, what is the value of these sites today since the PageRank was assigned almost 8 months ago?

I don’t have the answer but am thinking unless Google gives us a bone, our industry must turn to other measuring sources.

What do you think?