Email About Google’s GIFT!

I got this from one of my Super VIPs in SeoNitro. The guy really knows his stuff and I am always happy he keeps his nose to the ground and keeps me informed! :-)I am wondering what your comments are and what you are discovering because of the Google Gift!

Here is the email…


I have to be the first to tell you. Google gave us a magnificent gift, I suspect within the past 48-72 hours but I am not sure exactly when.

Look at the backend of the google webmaster tool at any of your registered sites.

They are now giving us actual Queries, Clickthru rates and %. And….

They are also telling us about clickthru rates when our sites are in different positions in the SERPS.

Wow, in just minutes, I have dispelled some long standing 6 year old rumors with this new information.

You may already know that Position 6-7 in the PPC was being advocated as best positions to buy for those wishing to stretch their dollar. The truth is that position number 1 is the best to buy if u have the big bucks but 6-7 is best if ur stretching ad dollars.

Well, now I can see that on a few of my keywords, I am also getting 300% more clickthru’s on position 6-7 – BUT WE ARE TALKING about Natural Search now and nOT PPC.

Don’t look if you are in a hurry, cause this new analytical information will surely cause you to lose an extra hour or so skimming from site to site.

I am assuming that you use the google webmaster tool for your real money sites.

Warm regards


Thanks Trevor!