The Truth About Page Rank?

About a week or so ago, a member of my last SEO Intensive Class sent this a PDF report on Page Rank to the group. No hype, no bullshit, just a very well written report on the findings of a study they did on Page Rank.

I was actually floored because for ONE, I don’t ever see other people testing things and if they do, they tend not to share the results, and TWO, that I agree with everything they reported and have been spounting it for years.

I even yelled at the audiance when I spoke at Yaniks Underground that the biggest myth in seo was that “Content was King” cause it ain’t! And of course everyone looked at me like I had 5 heads. lol

Well, without getting into all the details of the report, which I hope you download and read, here are the bullets to the myth breaking findings.

  • Google doesn’t care about the “freshness” of your content.
  • Google doesn’t care about the “quality” of your content.
  • Google doesn’t care if you change the contents of a page
  • Google doesn’t care about duplicate content
  • Google doesn’t care if you change registrars or owners of a domain
  • Google doesn’t care if you change hosting providers and / or servers

What does Google care about, and what is KING in the SEO world is… links, and ONLY links.

Now with that being said. I want you to note that this report is on Page Rank, and not SE rankings. For ranking, I do believe in the “freshness” of LINKs and lot’s of them. 🙂

Click the report to download and read. It is short and to the point. Let me know what you think. And thanks to Internet Marketing Blueprint for the report, you just made a new fan! 🙂